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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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that story threw me off. >> i don't know what to say about that one either. good morning, everybody. let's get to hd radar. the rain on the way today. bring along the umbrella because it's not raining now but it will be shortly as we have a good storm system cranking up to the south. there is the hd radar. the shower activity getting into central virginia and pushing up towards charlottesville and before too long it will be raining here too and if you are well out to west, out in the mountains, you'll probably see it mix with snow for a time this afternoon and tonight as we'll have cold temperatures for this time of year. let's do those temperatures and right now 44 degrees at reagan national. but look at the 30s, not too far away. hagerstown is 35. winchester 38. frederick is 36 degrees. so plenty of cool air just off to the north and west. and believe it or not, these are probably high temperatures for the day. i think later in afternoon we'll start to see temperatures fall here in washington, back into the upper 30s. there is your forecast. cool and cloudy, rain developing by late morning. 46 the daytime high.
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once the main roves in -- moves in, it will be in no hurry to move out. and i'll let you know when, if ever, we'll get sunshine and warmer weather. that is coming up. tony? the dramatic moments caught on camera as a gunman targets the president of the united states. it wathat president ronald reagan was shot in the chest. >> most of us remember just where we were when that happened, exactly where we were. the president was leaving a popular d.c. hotel at the time and fox 5's sarah simmons is outside of the washington hilton on connecticut avenue where it all happened. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. it was 2:27 in the afternoon, it was march 30th, president ronald reagan was coming out of a v.i.p. entrance here at the hilton hotel. when he came out, there were a crowd of reporters and photographers and people waiting for him, hoping just
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catch a glimpse of the president. well along with the people in the crowd was a man who wanted the president dead and now 30 years later, we are learning just how serious the situation was that day. >> there were two shots, bang, bang. and then a gap in time, but very minuscule. and then i hear four more shots. but i'm already moving on that first shot. >> reporter: jerry parr in the tan raincoat standing just behind the president was head of the secret service presidential detail at the time. after the shots rang out, he shoved president reagan into the presidential limo. >> i saw two things when i left as we pulled out of here. one is the bullet hole in the window, that didn't penetrate at all. i could see it. it's dimpled out. it's got this glass and then a film in between it and then
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they pack it together. but i could see that it had been hit there. and i could see three bodies on the sidewalks as we pulled away. >> reporter: by then, other agents had wrestled john hinckley to the ground, later saying he was still pulling the trigger. parr said once reagan national was if the limousine he told the driver to head to the white house but then realized something was wrong and redirected the driver to george washington university hospital. as the president walked inside, he collapsed. doctor joseph giordano was called to the trauma bay that day, having no idea what was going on. >> in retrospect he was pretty close to -- we have a term we use -- pretty close to crashing, in other words blood pressure would have dropped down to 0 and he's a 70-year- old man and that would have been a significant serious event. >> reporter: x-rays showed there was a bullet in his chest and decision was made to operate. >> i always thought it was very
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fortuitous that they made the decision to remove it because as you know, this was a devastated bullet or i'm not sure of the name, but a bullet that upon impact that will explode because it has a charge in it. >> reporter: 11 days after the shooting, a recovered ronald reagan left the hospital for good. >> reporter: and of course after the events, john hinckley junior was found not guilty by reason of insanity. he spent the rest of his life at saint elizabeth's hospital here in the district. but we know that lawyers and -- have asked a judge to even ask for additional unsupervised visits by hinckley to his home in virginia. that was something they asked for just this week. of course as we know, president ronald reagan died back in 2004 at the age of 93. tony and allison, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. paul wagner got those interviews before the release of raw hide down.
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it was a book written by washington post reporter dell wilber. >> and another thing he had to do with james brady and his wife, brady was the most severely wounded and paul joins us with more on the interview. we've been watching it through the morning, extra order fairy and wonderful that they would take the time to sit down and talk with you about this. it is not something they do often. and tell us your thoughts about meeting them and talking to them. >> i spoke with them for about 30 minutes yesterday. what struck me is that i learned something new, that jim brady is blind. i didn't know that. and i know that a lot of people here in the news room were surprised to hear that. but when i met mr. brady, he gave me a very firm handshake. very strong handshake. but when he sits in his wheelchair, he just kind of sits and listens and he holds a cane the whole time. but he really doesn't get up to walk. he's confined to that wheelchair. i spoke to him for about half an hour down at the brady
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campaign to prevent gun violence which is the activist group that they got going after the shooting. and i want to play one portion of the interview in a question that i posed to sarah brady about john hinckley and i asked her, her thoughts on john hinckley on him 30 years later. >> i don't think he should be released. i understand the law. and there is probably no way to change it for him. but certainly anyone who has committed such a violent act, i don't think should be back in society. i don't trust the fact that he is totally cured. and he may be. but he was capable at one time
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of violence and i think there is a good chance he could be violent again. >> one thing i learned about the bradies is sarah brady went to school at william and mary and that's where john hinckley's mother lives and that's when he has privileges to go when he's allowed out and it was said what if we are sit field goal a restaurant down there visiting friends and he suddenly walks in and how odd and uncomfortable that would be. and we talked about the attack in tucson and the assassination attack on gabrielle giffords. and how they were watching the coverage that day and were in tears astounded by the similarity of attacks 30 years later. and she talks about what happened that day and her hopes for the future.
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>> immediately i thought, he shot 30-some shots. i mean, that should -- it was outlawed at one time and should have been. why in the world would folks let it up on the hill and the president at the time, let it expire. >> and that was the large magazines? >> it was anything over five. >> and the bradies are in town this week to lobby congress on behalf of this -- there is a bill, they hope to get that passed, to eliminate the clips to put on to guns, extended clips as they are called and you can shoot 20-30 rounds. but part of the interview also had to do with jim brady's sense of humor. that's been famous over the years. and it's also very well known that he does not like to go
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through physical therapy. and he's often made jokes about it in the past and this is some of what he had to say about it yesterday. >> he does not like p.t. >> no, i don't know anyone that does. p.t. stands for pain and torture. >> but really physical therapy. >> physical therapy. and the people that administer it are physical terrorists. >> still have your sense of humor after all of these years. >> they're not funny. >> they're not funny. he was famous for his sense of humor. and you get the sense that sarah has heard those lines before. >> what did give me hope and encouragement in watching this couple is that they say that they have worked to not be bitter, which is so powerful.
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i mean how do you not carry that when your life has been altered so dramatically. but that was encouraging. >> yeah, before the shooting, they were on top of the world. they were living the washington life and going to social events and he was the press secretary and a step away from the most powerful man in the world and all of a sudden that changed in 1.2 seconds or something like that. >> people forget it was just over two months into the presidency, the new presidency. paul, thank you very much. extraordinary interview. we appreciate it. and coming up, more news. virginia tech fined for actions they took after the massacre in 2007. when the u.s. department of education wants the school to pay $55,000. and the fda is investigating potential links between dyes and preservatives in our food and hyperactivity in our children. an expert will join us in studio next to talk about the hearings today and what we might expect to get out of them. we're back in a moment.
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a frederick county teenager is accused of bringing a loaded gun to high school in frederick. investigators say the boy was showing off a .22-caliber revolver to friends. students told a school resource deputy. the teen claims he needed it for protection after a fight on monday. virginia tech has been fined for the time it took to respond to the 2007 massacre there. the university will have to pay the maximum of $55,000 for violating federal law by waiting too long to notify students during the shooting rampage. but the u.s. department of education did not impose taking some or all of its $98 million in federal student aid. one of the students shot that day is now a gun control lobbyist on the hill. he talked about the decision. >> there is no amount of money that can compensate for losing
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32 students and faculty. but it is the maximum allowed under current law and i think that's the biggest point, that the d.o.e. thought it was the most they could do and they did. and they need to -- other schools should understand and learn from the mistakes that were made to improve this process and improve notifying students in a timely manner of very critical information. >> university officials said they will appeal the fine. the food and drug administration is calling on experts to a public hearing today to discuss a possible link between dyes used in food products and hyperactivity in children. it's been delated for nearly half a century and the catalyst is a british study that links food dyes and preservatives to hyperactivity. joining us is is couth hughes who is ceo of chad, which
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stands for children and adults with hyperactivity disorder. it's a nonprofit. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you very much. >> and the fda will hold this public meeting as we mentioned to talk about this issue and it has been around for so long. can you tell us what they'll be looking at today and the population that it affects? >> yes. what they're looking at is the affect of artificial food dies on the behavior of children. and there has been a series of studies over the years, as you said, this goes back almost a quarter of a century, that look at food dyes and is there some connection with adhd, which is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the most recent study which was done in england, the one you mentioned, the south happenp ton study looked at the effect of -- food dyes on the behavior of children in general. >> and the hyperactivity issue, lately i think it's more
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closely diagnosed with the adhd, is there a difference as far as what the fda is looking at today or is it under the umbrella of adhd, i'm talking hyperactivity. >> no, there is a difference. and thank you for asking that. the research studies show there is a low-level increase in activity and some affect on attention for children generally when they ingest certain types of food dyes or preservatives. and there are mixed results of those studies. and so that's what the fda is looking at today, is the credibility of those studies and whether the results and the body research is strong enough so they think they should look. and that's different than adhd which is higher levels of attention and impulsivity and hyperactivity. and for a diagnosis of adhd, it
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has to be a constellation of those systems, a chronic disorder, so it happens every day for a period at least of six months, and it has to have a serious impairment on a child's functioning or an adult's functioning in life in several different domains. and so what we're talking about with the food dies is a lower level factor on kids in general. but because it mimics some of the same symptoms of adhd, there's been a lot of discussion about is there a connection between the two? >> how would the foods that we eat, how would that affect us so that we would show the signs that are troubling to the fda? >> well, the study, the most recent study, the one that the british acted on, actually gave children fruit juices, some of which had food dyes in them and some which did not. and as i said, there is a low level in the period after
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ingesting that food increase in inattention and hyperactivity. mostly hyperactivity. and i should say increased activity because that's not the same as hyper activity. so it's looking at the kind of foods that have food dyes in them and our processed food does and what i would suggest is if there are viewers out there who know their children have sensitivity to food or if they have kids that they know after ingesting some foods, they're behavior seems to be more active, more difficulty paying attention, that that's worth paying attention to and seeing about our eliminating those things from your diet. for most kids, one of the things i do want to be clear about though, is this is not a cause or factor for adhd. you're talking about a whole different level of difficulty when you are talking about the diagnosis of adhd. >> at the end of the day, with what the fda finds today, could we see a change in the food
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that is marketed because heaven knows look in the juice aisle and you can find a rainbow of colors. is that the ultimate goal of this meeting? >> the goal of the meeting is to evaluate the research and the fda has done quite a bit of work that they are presenting to the committee today and they have a number of presenters from researchers from across the country and at -- by the end of the day tomorrow, they'll make a recommendation to the fda about whether actions should be taken on the food dyes or not. and the initial work that's been done and from our experience with the literature, is the results are mixed. it's not a clear message. and so that's what the fda is looking at today. >> we'll continue to follow this. it touches each and every home with children in it. and thank you for being with us. this is ruth hughes, ceo of c.h.a.d. thank you very much. and developments continue in libya today. now u.s. marines are preparing
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to head to the country. we'll have details after the break. plus holly is getting the ins and outs of making make-up. holly? >> reporter: and right now they are making sales. here this? this is their sales bell. it rings every time there is a sale at haughty cosmetics and it's ringing off the hook this morning. why? because they have an amazing product that makes you look beautiful. two because it's made here in our area, and three and most importantly, because their sales help support an amazing cause. we'll tell you all about it live later. thank you very much. first here is a look at today's trivia question. what actress once said sometimes i'm so sweet, even i can't stand it. was it julie andrews, doris day, sandra bullock or sally fields? the answer is coming up in just a little bit but you can take a guess now on our facebook page. much more ahead this morning,
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to the disaster in japan now. the highest radiation levels found so far have turned up in sea water outside of the nuclear plant. it's more than 3,000 times the normal level. but safety officials at the plant say it should dissipate quickly and it's not dangerous to people. the head of the company that runs the plant has not been seen in two weeks. but this morning the president of tokyo electric power company or tepco is in the hospital with hypertension. new details on diplomatic front on the crisis in britain. it is agreed that arming the rebels is under consideration.
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david cameron said the u.n. resolution allowing the air strikes could be used to send guns to the opposition. and britain is expelling five libian diplomats because of their ties to the gadhafi regime. and we're hearing that uganda is offering gadhafi to live there is he decides to step down. and 2200 are leaving north carolina this morning on their way to join coalition forces until the mediterranean sea. some of the crew could end up being overseas for close to a year. president barack obama will lay out a plan for energy security today. le speak at georgetown university. frustrated over oil and gasoline prices, president obama said the u.s. needs a long-term energy plan. the president hopes to trim dependence on imported oil by boosting domestic energy production. a hollywood actor now caught up in an international legal mess. why george clooney, of all people, may have to testify in
9:27 am
court about the italian prime minister. and the forecast, let's be honest, not that great today. you might need your umbrella. tucker is up next with the details. 9:26 now. 
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well hopefully you've been following our d.c. bracket madness. you are picking the top d.c. area sports figures. we're down to the final four. first pairing is between ovechkin and bruce boudreau. the next pairing is between chris cooley and ted leonsis. you can vote on our website, but ted leonsis is paying attention. he knows that he's in this and he's doing well and on his blog he posted this, wow, i don't know what to say except thank you and i'm not deserved of your votes. the final four, it is an honor just to be nominated.
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wow. and here is an open invitation to come on the show and talk about it when you win. >> he's going to win. >> and even if you don't, but you can come in. >> i think ovechkin can win. >> there is knopped dog -- underdog. >> they're all winners at the end of the day. >> i'll be voting several times. i'm not going to tell you who, though. we have rain in the forecast today. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. we have rain in the forecast the next day. nftunately. three days in a the pattern looks very active and not a pattern that is particularly favorable to sunshine and warm temperatures. >> unfortunately. >> here is your hd radar. showers starting to move in. they are light and with dry weather you can go out for a run, take your dog out for a walk, you're fine for another hour or two unless you're off to the south and west and showers fill in down towards
9:32 am
culpeper, charlottesville, maybe a light shower for you down at 29. but right now, you get the idea. more rain off to west. i'll show you the satellite radar and you'll be able to see the rain moving in from the west. and there is a good band of it. also associated with an area of low pressure tracking well to the south and that has a tendency to drag in air from the north and we'll be cool around here for the next couple of days. the rain changing to snow out toward indiana and ohio and all of this again tracking through the area. we'll get some lift in the atmosphere and that will mean rain for us starting by the midday hours and certainly this afternoon through the evening rush into the nighttime hours, we'll have a good, steady rain across the washington area. let's do the future cast. showing you what is happening. there we are at 4:00. most of us getting rain. the exception is northeast maryland to baltimore. but 5:00, 6:00 all of us get rain. and rain throughout the area and i want to mention the possibility of a mix precip, that could be snow or sleet off
9:33 am
well to the north and west. don't be shocked if you see snowflakes well off to the north and west and a winter weather advisory for a couple of inches of snow which went into effect this morning. i know we have a big baseball game tomorrow. i think it will be more likely drizzle around here by late morning tomorrowch and then tomorrow afternoon, not a beautiful day but we can dry up for the baseball game as we have a maritime temperatures. and 45 in the city. 45 in quantico. 46 in fredericksberg. 43 in annapolis. our high temperatures for the day to look for these to fall back and in the upper 30s by this afternoon. and notice the 30s already off to the north and west. not getting a chance to warm up so we think we'll see snowflakes off to the north and westment cool and cloudy and rain developing later this morning. 46 your daytime high. so not much warmer than we
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already have. and cool and rain overnight. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. five-day forecast, and it is spring, let's find springtime weather. not tomorrow. drizzling and cool for opening day. friday might be a peek of sunshine. maybe a little sunshine in the afternoon, allison, but only upper 40s. it doesn't get better until sunday, upper 50s with quiet weather guaranteed by sunday. >> so that will feel great by the time it gets here. >> the upper 50, we'll feel like a heat wave. and time to open up the buzz bin. george clooney finding himself in a mess and jeff bridges gets a little emotional. >> i heard about this. and tmz's gary truck joins us live from l.a. with more on these stories. a big good morning to you, gary. so let's get to the bottom of it. >> what is happening with george clooney? >> it is a crazy story. he was subpoenaed in italy for -- to be a witness in the trial for the prime minister of italy
9:35 am
who is in the midst of a prostitution trial. he was alleged to be with a 17- year-old moroccan girl and apparently she saw george clooney at one of the prime minister's parties and so now there is some weird clooney connection. the prime minister's lawyers want george clooney to be a witness and testify. he doesn't really understand why. he told us he doesn't understand why he was subpoenaed. he's only met the prime minister once and that was for aid in darfur. so it's a weird story. >> and did you make jeff bridges cry, gary? >> this is its coolest story and one of the best celebrity videos we had. our paparazzi met jeff bridges outside of a restaurant the other night. they have a great conversation back and forth and jeff coaches our paparazzi into addressing somebody's special message. they have this deep connection and there are some tears shed.
9:36 am
it's such an emotional raw moment, it's very cool for such an a-list celebrity to connect with us on such a level like that. >> and was there drinking at all involved? i'm just asking. this is good for tmz, but was there any drinking? >> there might have been before dinner. we can neither condition firm nor deny that. >> didn't he wrap up that western movie like a year ago. he's still sporting the beard, huh? >> that's his look. he always has the beard. that is his look. jeff bridges is just the coolest dude in the world. >> we enjoy you on the show and thank you for joining us this morning in d.c. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you gary. >> take care. >> and you can catch gary, dax, the whole tmz crew here on fox 5 after the news edge at 6:00. and it is a cool moment. because normally it's so combative. >> usually they're walking quickly and just kind of wave hello. but once in a while they stop. that's cool because he's a big- time actor. >> he seems like a nice guy. he's been on the show before. >> you would stop.
9:37 am
>> i would stop but nobody is asking me questions. they're going to ask tony questions. >> they ask me what is allison really like. thank you very much. what happens when you take a group of 80 and 90-year-old woman to a chippendale's show? well they have a pretty good time. why they were there and their reaction that is really cute and funny. that's coming up next. first here is another look at today's trivia question. what actress once said sometimes i'm so sweet even i can't stand it. was it julie andrews, doris day, sandra bullock or sally fields? answers coming up in just a little bit. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. this is the sleep number store,
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vegas. today the grant opening of the las vegas mob experience is an interactive experience that tells about the rise and fall of the mafia in sin city. there are photos and artifacts and other memorabilia of organized crime. it details the contribution the gangsters made to the now famed las vegas strip. >> and sponsors say you will go to this exhibit and buy a big ticket if you knows what good for you. all right. a night to remember for a group of senior citizens. they get a v.i.p. pass to see the chippendale's show. >> the event coordinator at an assisted living complex in las vegas organized the field trip. she said the ladies are a great example of how to grow old and will appreciate it. some thought it was a trip to the casino. >> do you know what it's about? >> no. do you? >> it's about good looking guys. >> oh, well that i want to say. >> i'll tell you what i would
9:42 am
like to see more of and that's -- >> we had to cut the rest of the sound bite out. >> that's hilarious. >> the rio donated the tickets to the women. >> what is that? they were carrying her around or was she that short? >> i think she was that short. >> that's so cute. well i hope they had a good time. what is in a name? evidently a lot of controversy. melanie? >> new teeth, new uniforms and how much will that cost? i'm melanie alnwick with the name change some d.c. first responders aren't too thrilled about. and holly is getting a first-hand lesson in making make-up. and they make it right here in our backyard. she has the details coming up next. don't go anywhere. it's 9:42. blue diamond almonds...
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the democrat controlled maryland senate approved the state's $34 billion budget that includes $75 million in fee increases. senate voted for a separate budget, rex bill -- reconciliation bill. the house of delegates passed the legislation. the two houses will work out differences in a conference committee before the adjournment of the general assembly. members of virginia task for one are being honored for their work in japan. the fairfax county board of supervisors commended the team. 74 members spent a week on the recovery mission following the deadly quake and tsunami. controversy is brewing in the district over a uniform and name change. >> effective immediately, all shirts, caps and jackets can no longer say d.c. f.d., they have to say fems. melanie alnwick town out some
9:47 am
fire and ems responders are not happy about the change. >> reporter: a small change to d.c. firefighter uniforms is creating controversy in the ranks. the new acronym is fems. >> fems, yes. >> reporter: and that's not going over real well? >> no. some members are upset. >> reporter: the logo is changing too. gone is the gold eagle emblem instituted by former chief dennis rubin. it will be removed from all dress uniforms, firehouses, trucks, ambulances and car that's bare it and be replaced with a previous patch. >> i don't blame them being upset. this is like a yo yo going back and forth. >> reporter: this rebranding the department was a recommendation of the ems task force after the david rosenbaum lawsuit, a greater way for medical supervisors after a disconnect in response that may have led to the journalist's unnecessary death.
9:48 am
>> it's important that everybody in the department recognize that they have both missions, fire and ems. and it's important that the department advertise themself as the fire and ems department. >> reporter: changing your corporate identity is delicate business, said joe parent, a senior vice president with firm wagner worldwide. >> a fame is critical. it's what people ultimately identify with. >> reporter: some question during tight budget times if it should be done now. and while publicly firefighters grumble about the cost of new hats, shirts and jackets which they pay for out of pocket -- >> we haven't had a raise in five years so everything is taken to heart and everybody is sensitive right now. >> reporter: privately they are more upset about a brand that said fems. >> a patch is an image and represents the team, if you will, that you play for. and if that changes to something you don't like or respect, that's a big deal. >> reporter: true culture change may require fire and ems
9:49 am
to come up with a brand both sides can accept. >> mendelson said that he did not know how much the decal change will cost. fire chief ellerbe said he should have consulted the union before making the change. there will now be 90 days before the rule takes effect and the union hopes to find something more acceptable to members than mf -- fems. the fbi is looking for help in an unsolved murder case. to cryptic notes were found in the pockets of 41-year-old ricky mccormick, found murdered and dumped in a field in june of 1999. we're showing you one of the notes here and here is the other one. after years of investigating, the meaning of the notes remains a mystery. officials have decided to publish the letters in case there is someone out there who pay be able to break the code. and sometimes figuring out the code of which make-up to buy can be a challenge, but
9:50 am
holly is here to help. >> haughty cosmetics sells make- up that represents a great cause and holly is there this morning. >> reporter: and how many people would start a company and right out of the gate go, i'm going to give half of my profits away to charity. that's exactly what haughty cosmetics is doing. they just launched this month and they are right here in oldtown and they are quite the sensation. this is the lip gloss to have right now. michelle coil is the founder. grace ships is the product development associate and we've been going through the process here this morning. so where are we now? >> so we're getting ready to fill the tubes and this is our new filling machine. this is our baby and made things so much easier for us and i thought maybe you would want to try it. do you want to give it a try? just put the tube up there under the spouse and then hit
9:51 am
that with your foot. and hopefully it will come out a couple of times. >> reporter: do i keep hitting it? >> yes. keep hitting it. >> reporter: so this takes some time and so tell me your general day. how do you go about making your lip gloss in all of the different shades? >> well we generally try to make a bunch of one shade at a time because it takes some time to break down in between colors. you have to clean and sanitize everything out. so we generally will make about 100 -- 100 to 500 of a certain color and that's an all-day process. you saw mixing the pigments, heating the gloss and getting the gloss in the machine. and getting the tubes filled and getting the caps. it's great to do it all ourselves. >> reporter: what have you found that has been one of the biggest challenges in coming up with a make-up line or just the right product? >> i don't know. i think our lip gloss is pretty solid.
9:52 am
it's really the first thing we made successfully. we love it. we have a group of friends and family called our test divas that try out our new products and we sent them this gloss and they responded immediately it was their favorite lip gloss and they wear it every day. >> reporter: what is your next type of make-up you would like to make? >> we've been working on mass cara. that's a very tricky one. people are very particular about their mass cara and it is hard to get them to switch. and so we're hoping get a good one out. and i think after that we'll try some powders, pressed powders an eye shadows which is a whole new machine so very exciting for us. >> reporter: who is your biggest competition? >> we don't view it that way. we're doing something with the markets that people aren't doing, giving away 50% of our profits. and if somebody else wanted to come and give 50% of their profits to charity, i would welcome that. >> reporter: she's issuing the challenge and throwing down the gaunt let there. and i'm going to just put a dab
9:53 am
on. >> this is one already filled. >> reporter: okay. so i'll become a test diva. i think we got a little bit there. and you try to come up with something for every skin tone. >> and that was test diva feedback that we got, was for our friends of color saying we don't have anything saying that is a good neutral, please make something for african- americans, please make something for asians that will look good and look neutral. so we came up with our neutrals. we have a shade for every skin tone and people love those. and then our brights are good on a range of skin tones. >> reporter: okay. i'm going for a bright or either "take a risk" or "pull it together" and i'm going to try to take a risk with no lip gloss on tv. >> this is impressive. a lot of people can't do that. this is years in the biz.
9:54 am
it looks great and you didn't get it on your face. that's fantastic. i don't think i could do that. i'm impressed. >> reporter: i'll give you lessons. and you had to come up with the right applicator. >> that's a huge process absolutelyist it's a kiss that heals. 50% of the profits go to three different charities that all fight violence against women. is our website. what is your year goal? >> for sales or? >> reporter: or any goal. >> weigh -- we would like to get into retail outlets locally and if you're interested, get in touch with us. and try to get the word out nationally about haughty. we want people to know to know about this and we know when people try it they will keep buying it and they'll love it. >> reporter: and so when you are on ellen or oprah, you remember it all started here. and wait, i think that's
9:55 am
another sales bell ringing. they're website has seen a lot of traffic this morning and they have a lot of new facebook friends as well so check it out. and i am putting it on my must- have christmas list and it's only march. >> time to start planning. >> reporter: m myfoxdc.c om is our website. we have a link to theirs. >> excellent. i love that and no liner. that is looking good, holly. >> well done. >> hard to do. >> i'm sure it is. coming up. >> the answer to today's trivia question. >> and do you have a question that you would like answered? send it to me. head to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. i'll answer questions on a variety of topics but family issues, relationship issues, i even got one on the mail, couldn't do it on tv but that letter is coming to you now, i did write you back. wait for that letter. but the ones we can do on tv we'll answer every friday morning during the 9:00 hour.
9:56 am
thanks for writing in too. 
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tomorrow to answer today's trivia question. what actress once said i'm so sweet even i can't stand it. the answer, it's got to be, julie andrews. >> i thought it was not her. >> really? >> tucker thought it was sandra bullock. >> but i honestly had no idea. >> the sweetest of the sweet, julie andrews. >> it could have been doris day. >> but it was julie andrews. >> okay. five-day forecast, let's take a look at the rain showers. >> looking pretty good. >> it does? >


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